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Site address: http://e-finland.ru/

e-Finland is one of the leading websites about Finland.

e-Finland ranks 2-5 for the search term “Finland” in Yandex search system (just after Wikipedia).

The project was launched in 2009.

Our mission: provide Russian tourists with the fullest possible information essential for their trip to Finland - from preparation for the journey and routes to description of sightseeing and popular places for shopping and recreation.

All this information is conveniently displayed as a chain “Preparation-On road-Finland”. Each section describes the corresponding stage of the trip.

What makes this project different from similar ones?

  • Unique materials
  • User-friendly design and simple website navigation Updated catalogue of travel companies in following cities: Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, and Murmansk. The catalogue can be supplemented by the visitors of the website and the employees of the travel companies.
  • Catalogue of the best Finnish hotels with detailed description and on-line free booking
  • Specialized social network. There is a growing community of tourists on the website. Community members can chat, add new friends, organize trips together and moderate their own blogs
  • The “Web-cams on the Russian-Finnish border” service is popular among automobilists who have an opportunity to monitor the situation on the board in real time and change their routes accordingly.

Key figures

Statistics of Yandex metrics for the last month shows 110 000 visits per month.

Total number of pages viewed exceeds 280 000.

In average, each visitor views 2.5 pages and spends on the website 3.28 minutes .

Quantity of viewed pages reaches 20 000 pages per day in period of season winter and summer sales.




The core audience is concentrated in the North-West region of Russia.
Saint-Petersburg dwellers account for 60% of all visits.


78.9% of our visitors represent the most active age group from 18 to 44 y. o.


Advertising on e-finland.ru

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  • Context advertising (Text banners).
  • Press-releases, promo articles.
  • Contests.
  • Main news on the site.
  • Placement in the travel company catalogue.


Our mission is to create a popular multifunctional website with its unique identity, content and user-friendly services.
We hope that visitors will come back to the website over and over. We are always open for cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team:

LTD «Lexburg»

Address: St. Petersburg, st. Cvetochnaya, 16 housing 4, office 36

E-mail: ef@e-finland.ru

Website: e-finland.ru

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Marina Orlova

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